Friday, 22 July 2011

Art at Cockington (my favourite place in Torquay)

Last Thursday was the opening of “Art on the English Riviera” at Cockington Court Craft Centre, a free art exhibition which includes two pieces of land art. 
The Horizon Cube by Henry Bruce (creator of the Dartmoor chair).
And the Hazel Cloud by Mike Fletcher, a piece that comprises of 1000 large sticks of Hazel which people will help decorate with the red earth of Cockington.
It was a great and funny afternoon. First,I had a great walk to get to Cockington, it was so calm and quite.
I could take lots of photos (luckily it was a sunny day) and drink white wine and eat canapés with Mike Fletcher and his charming family.
And listen to the amazing life music played by phillip henry and hannah martin.

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